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Is anyone still here ? [30 Apr 2016|06:26pm]

Hello my dear Lareine fans!
How have you all been ?

I don't understand why most users have left livejournal, I'm not just talking about this lareine community but the whole platform.
Most users have migrated to facebook or other platforms but I think that livejournal is still much better because it's not superficial. We used to have much smaller communities here but it was filled with happiness and people who was interested in talking about a specific subject. I know time won't go back but I still miss having a place where we could meet nice people and talk about our favorite music. If most users are gone, why is livejournal still online ? I don't understand.
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Lareine on iTunes [11 Feb 2013|01:06am]

[ mood | happy ]

You can buy Lareine music on iTunes! ^__^

Here https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/lareine/id118593445?ign-mpt=uo%3D4


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sales post! [19 Feb 2012|08:48am]

[ mood | artistic ]

Hello roses! I'm selling my Lareine Chou No Hana CD (First Press) & LESSON SINGLE, and it's in GREAT CONDITION!

Follow me to the eBay link . . .

**mods, if this is not allowed, please feel free to delete this post! :D
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Calling all Versailles Fans!!! [24 Jul 2011|02:17pm]

Bonjour Honey, 

There is currently a con called AM2 in California that is taking musical guest suggestions for their con. A few Versailles fans as well as myself have suggested Versailles. It would be great if eveyone could go comment here

Even if your not in California or in the US please help us in trying to bring Versailles back to the US. Let all your friends know as well because the more comments the better. :)

I know this is not a Versailles comm but its Kamijo related!
Thank you everyone!

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I'm selling... [03 Jul 2011|07:22pm]

Hi LAREINE fans!!!
I'm selling this mirror of LAREINE:
price: 20€
If you're interested, please send me an e-mail to: nowaru_crosszeria@hotmail.com

Thank you!
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Versailles & LAREINE stuff for sale [18 Apr 2011|07:29pm]

Hello, I'm selling some Versailles & LAREINE CDs, including some rare-stuff.

click hereCollapse )
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Another sales post~ [05 Mar 2011|05:40pm]


Hello Everyone! 
I am selling the Blue Romance EP, 憂いの花が綴る愛 ~L'introduction de la fleur~, an old Lareine Casette and the Tour "Fleur" 1998 Pamphlet on my journal! 
Please look here if you are interested!

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[17 Sep 2010|09:32pm]

Im selling this book :

please check here
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LILLIE CHARLOTTE PHOTOBOOK + SINGLE & CURE magazine [25 Jul 2010|01:15am]
Hello~ Sorry for "spamming" your community with a sale listing, but I have a practically new copy of the Lillie Charlotte photobook + singlelaying around that I'd like to pass along to a loving fan~

The Photobook/single is $15
It is in PERFECT QUALITY. I have rarely picked it up or looked at it. I have only removed it from its double plastic protection wrapping once. The CD has only been played once. No scratches. No marks. And all the pages of the photobook are perfectly intact.

A worthy investment for any Lareine/Versailles fans~


AND I also have a copy of CURE magazine February 2006 featuring LAREINE. 
The magazine includes a poster and a present CD of LAREINE.
All pages are intact and the poster has never been used.(Awesome!)
The CD has been removed once and somehow there are small scratches along the edge.
I assume it is from being stored in the plastic wrap it came in, inside the magazine ^^;
HOWEVER, the CD plays perfectly fine. I have sampled it myself as I am making this post.
The CD includes short samples of various Lareine PVs, and the rest are audio tracks of a short interview and sample tracks of their songs~
To protect the CD I will store it in a light-weight plastic case when I mail it.
The magazine will also arrive in the plastic wrap it came in.

CURE magazine is -- $5

i773.photobucket.com/albums/yy13/AZAFEI/P1030097.jpg   (poster)
i773.photobucket.com/albums/yy13/AZAFEI/P1030098.jpg   (inside)

-and- If your interested I will also toss in 2 j-indie CDs by a group called ANGELIQUE for FREE !
Both cds are brand NEW and have rarely been played. The single remains in the protective plastic wrap whilst the mini-album did not come with any plastic wrap.

Baby's Breath- a mini album with 4 songs
1. Over
2. Morning gloy
3. Little Sky
4. Stare mind

The second cd...

Morning glory single - a mini single with only the title track
1. Morning glory


The music can be described as being very happy rock music~
Here is a sample song from them~

Why not try something new, its free! (^_^)

****Of course if you don't want them then you are welcome to decline the offer ^^ This offer is also on a first come, first serve bases along with both LAREINE items. For instance, if you comment wanting only the Photobook/single or the magazine along with the FREE cds you can have them.

****All of these are on a first come, first serve bases. HOWEVER; I am willing to take bids on the items. All the items start at the listed prices, but if you offer more than the first commenter, I will consider the highest bidder.
Therefore, I shall wait until THURSDAY JULY 29th before selling... if anyone else wants to make any offer on either of the products!

****Please be sure to, in your comments, let me know if you want the free cds with whatever item you want to purchase.

You WILL have to pay for shipping + handling -- $7.00 (for all items together)
$3.00 for photobook alone -or- magazine alone + free cds.

And finally, I will accept paypal, money order or concealed cash (at your own risk!).

Thank you very much, I hope dearly that some kind fan will accept these sad items. They are no longer used by me and sit inside a box, waiting for a loving home.

P.S. I forgot! I -WILL- sell to international buyers. Obviously, only paypal ^^

Everything SOLD. Thank you! (^_^) I hope you get your packages soon~

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just joined [07 Mar 2010|11:51pm]

I found was looking around at different communities and I stumbled across one of Lareine and decided to join.


Been a fan of their stuff for quite some time.  (Can't find any of their stuff around though... or at least the sellers in time)

But yeah just saying hi

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selling kamijo photoset [30 Aug 2009|09:12pm]

[ mood | blah ]

I'm selling a photoset of Kamijo from LAREINE's last live over here: http://silentluvphobia.livejournal.com/151137.html

please take a look if you're interested.

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selling [28 Aug 2009|02:59pm]

Hi everyone~

I'm selling my copy of Lareine's Billet and Fuyu Tokyo plus a bunch of magazines they're in over here at my LJ if anyone is interested ^^

Thanks! And sorry if you've seen this cross posted :x
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Selling Lillie Charlotte CD+Photobook [23 Aug 2009|05:41pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hi, I'm selling LAREINE's "Lillie Charlotte" CD+Photobook
if you're interested please have a look here: http://silentluvphobia.livejournal.com/151137.html

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[06 Jun 2009|08:41pm]

VERSAILLES Prince & Princess singles: KAMIJO -, Jasmine You - and YUKI - type

as well as

LAREINE Tour "Metamorphose" 1999 Pamphlet

on sale on ebay!!! Ending tomorrow! Click here!

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Very Cheap Versailles merchandise sale at Tainted Reality online store [15 Mar 2009|08:29am]

Tainted Reality is having a huge sale this month and they're selling really cheap Versailles merchandise. Everyone must hurry because there the sale won't last long. Go to their online store at http://www.taintedreality.net

Versailles Philharmonic Quintet


USA Edition
SALE $10.00
On sale now


Group Poster
Sentiment of Genesis Tour 2008
US Debut Tour
SALE $3.00
On sale now


T-Shirt: Art back, front blank
Size: Medium/X-Large $25.00
On sale now

Hoodie: Art front & back
Size: Small/Medium/Large
SALE $40.00
On sale now

T-Shirt: Art front, back blank
Sentiment of Genesis Tour 2
SALE $10.00


Group Sticker 3 x 5
Sentiment of Genesis Tour 2008
US Debut Tour
SALE $1.50

Logo Sticker 3 x 5
SALE $1.50

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Looking for Setsurenka PV [01 Jan 2009|03:05pm]

Hey guys,

I have a little request...does anyone have the Setsurenka PV? That song is awesome and Kamijo looks so...princely <33 in it ^_^

Would be grateful if someone can post it up =)

Thanks a lot!
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Selling CDs [11 Dec 2008|07:22pm]

Hey guys~ I've decided to sell two of my LAREINE singles and a bunch of other stuff over at my LJ if anyone's interested ^^
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[12 Nov 2008|09:22pm]


Very rare Versailles and Lareine CD's for sale on ebay! Click here!

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Never Cage Translation [20 Aug 2008|12:55pm]

 Can someone translate this song for me? I can't seem to find a translation anywhere
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Selling Never Cage CD [18 Aug 2008|02:43pm]

In desperate need of extra money so I'm selling some stuff, including my copy of Lareine's Never Cage CD.

Please check it out if interested. ^^

Details and picture hereCollapse )
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